Value-added Benefits

Value-added Benefits

Here are a few types of common Value-Added Benefits:

  • Support services: services provided by your company, not by you personally. Such services include free training or a 24-hour customer service hotline.
  • Consulting services: services that you offer, such as providing your expertise on use or implementation. But be careful! Consulting services can require an extensive time commitment on your part, so offer these only to high-potential accounts.
  • Personal services: enhancements that you bring to an account. For example, you make an urgent delivery yourself. Some sales professionals simply tell their customers, “If you have a problem, just give me a call.”
  • Promotional services: help you give to buyers to help them grow their business or do their jobs more efficiently. Examples include point-of-purchase materials, advertising, free samples, Job aids or tools, and technical guides

Use these categories to trigger your thinking and help you identify which Value-Added Benefits you can offer buyers. Of course, any such Value-Added Benefits should relate to the buyer’s needs otherwise they won’t value it.


Ray C4S


22 February 2018


C4S, Vehicles